Zorro, Lost in Space and the Third Reich

Oceana is a boat with an amazing provenance and history:


She was built in Holland in 1938, That fact in and of itself is pretty amazing. She was one of the last private vessels to be produced by Dutch for the next decade, certainly one of the last steel boats of the era.

She was constructed of the same steel that was being used to build the infamous U-Boats in the build-up to the war. And Hitler annexed Holland  in May of 1940, just eight months after the outbreak of the war.

Guy Williams as "Zorro"


It’s not known how/when she came to America, but in the late 50’s she was purchased by Guy Williams, famous for his starring role in the “Zorro” Television Series.





Mr. Williams later went on to star in “Lost in Space” “Sinbad” and “Bonanza”  Sailing was a passion of Mr. Williams, and indeed, Oceana is mentioned in several bios about him including IMDB and Wikipedia.


Mr. Williams kept her moored in San Pedro, and often took his family as well as celebrities out sailing. Guy Williams Jr. fondly remembers sailing on Oceana with more than a few celebrities, as well as “Uncle Walt” and his Brother Roy (Disney).  I like to think that perhaps Oceana played a roll in starting Roy’s son Roy E. Disney’s formidable sailing career.  If there’s Royalty in Sailing circles those are the Crown Princes.


The previous owner circumnavigated her around the globe, twice.

It’s truly Awe inspiring to think of the history this vessel has been a part of and the wonders she’s already seen, if I can add a tiny bit to that tradition I will consider myself privileged indeed.


Recent Posts

Tank troubles.

So, I decided that I’m sick of the crappy CARB compliant bullshit tanks we have to use in .ca and wa, and I wanted to get a nice matched set of proper race fuel tanks  for my little toy hauler trailer. Since I’m building this thing custom I want a matched set that I can make lock. I want red for gas for the bike(s) and outboard, yellow for diesel for the sprinter and eventually to run my little generator, and blue to carry some extra water.


Seems like a simple project, right? 

So first I  go to the 4×4 shop, they specialize in trucks so but they do not have yellow. I don’t buy the red because I want the same brand and not try to mix/match sizes, and I’ve actually looked at like four other places but nobody has yellow for some reason. 

They send me to a dune buggy place that specializes in quads and motorcycles. Bizarrely they have yellow and clear but not red, again because I guess sand quads are all diesel right? So I go to the ranch store , where they sell stuff for tractors and trucks , and all they have are green and blue. Because I guess ranchers don’t use diesel or gas.  So back to the first place to get the red that started it all.

That’s just how I do though, go to four stores to buy 3 simple things.

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