Zorro, Lost in Space and the Third Reich

Oceana is a boat with an amazing provenance and history:


She was built in Holland in 1938, That fact in and of itself is pretty amazing. She was one of the last private vessels to be produced by Dutch for the next decade, certainly one of the last steel boats of the era.

She was constructed of the same Dutch steel that was being used to build the infamous U-Boats and Panzers in the build-up to the war. And Hitler annexed Holland  in May of 1940, just eight months after the outbreak of the war.

Guy Williams as "Zorro"


It’s not known how/when she came to America, but in the late 50’s she was purchased by Guy Williams, famous for his starring role in the “Zorro” Television Series.





Mr. Williams later went on to star in “Lost in Space” “Sinbad” and “Bonanza”  Sailing was a passion of Mr. Williams’ and indeed Oceana is mentioned in several bios about him including IMDB and Wikipedia.


Mr. Williams kept her moored in San Pedro, and often took his family as well as celebrities out sailing. Guy Williams Jr. fondly remembers sailing on Oceana with more than a few celebrities, as well as “Uncle Walt” and his Brother Roy (Disney).  I like to think that perhaps Oceana played a roll in starting Roy’s son Roy E. Disney’s formidable sailing career.  If there’s Royalty in Sailing circles those men are the Crown Princes.


The previous owner circumnavigated her around the globe, twice.

It’s truly Awe inspiring to think of the history this vessel has been a part of and the wonders she’s already seen, if I can add a tiny bit to that tradition I will consider myself privileged indeed.


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Did some wheelin and hoping for some dealin…

A few weeks ago I bought a pretty big upright air compressor. It looks like it was in a fire, it was $225 but I figured the it was worth $100 each for the huge tank, Harbor freight pump & the 5hp Electric Motor.  And since I’m setting up shop at my mom’s I’ll finally have proper power so I wanted to ditch the loud as hell gas powered compressor I’ve been using, and actually build a NICE compressor into the garage with a proper air system so I can finally sandblast and whatnot.

20151124_162737So anyway…   today, I after I drove 60 miles round trip to score a rockin deal on a metal bandsaw, when I got all the way  home I found a MASSIVE industrial punch/press like this one for $350.  ALSO back in Carson where I’d just come from.. After doing a little research I found one for sale for 950 and another for 2650. So Again, figuring that the motor was worth $100 and scrap the machine itself probably at least $100 so I decided to buy it.  It’s in crappy condition but hopefully I can spend a little elbow grease and spruce it up and then make a few grand on it!?  Maybe?

in the craigslist ad there was a new looking compressor so I asked him if it was for sale too.  He said yes, $250.  And I about wet myself!  An almost brand new Sullair Rotary Screw Air Compressor!   he said it shuts down under load, and I dunno much about how they work, but it’s a  $5000  36 CFM industrial compressor!  So how could I possibly pass that up?  heck if it only works half assed it’d still be double the output of a high end household compressor.20151124_161136
I bought these as investments thinking I could sell them for a profit.  But damn now I really just wanna fire them up and make some shit!  The punch/shear in particular  has my brain spinning thinking about what sort of little $6 widget could I invent and mass produce??

they wouldn’t fit in the van because both of these are BEASTS so I have to go BACK to carson a third time with the trailer to pick em up, it’s supposed to snow a foot tonight, and I have no frikken CLUE how I’m gonna unload them.

Ironically since I haven’t been working on the boat for a while, I might have bought a couple pretty impressive boat anchors!

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