Zorro, Lost in Space and the Third Reich

Oceana is a boat with an amazing provenance and history:


She was built in Holland in 1938, That fact in and of itself is pretty amazing. She was one of the last private vessels to be produced by Dutch for the next decade, certainly one of the last steel boats of the era.

She was constructed of the same steel that was being used to build the infamous U-Boats in the build-up to the war. And Hitler annexed Holland  in May of 1940, just eight months after the outbreak of the war.

Guy Williams as "Zorro"

It’s not known how/when she came to America, but in the late 50′s she was purchased by Guy Williams, famous for his starring role in the “Zorro” Television Series.


Mr. Williams later went on to star in “Lost in Space” “Sinbad” and “Bonanza”  Sailing was a passion of Mr. Williams, and indeed, Oceana is mentioned in several bios about him including IMDB and Wikipedia.

Mr. Williams kept her moored in San Pedro, and often took his family as well as celebrities out sailing. Guy Williams Jr. fondly remembers sailing on Oceana with more than a few celebrities, as well as “Uncle Walt” and his Brother Roy (Disney).  I like to think that perhaps Oceana played a roll in starting Roy’s son Roy E. Disney’s formidable sailing career.  If there’s Royalty in Sailing circles those are the Crown Princes.


The previous owner circumnavigated her around the globe, twice.

It’s truly Awe inspiring to think of the history this vessel has been a part of and the wonders she’s already seen, if I can add a tiny bit to that tradition I will consider myself privileged indeed.


Recent Posts

Finally having a blast again.

So I’ve actually done a bit of work since my last post; FOUR months ago  ug where does the time go!

But I admit I’ve gotten a little down about the boat and feeling a little not exactly overwhelmed, but just lost interest a little bit I guess.

But so anyway I met a pretty cool girl and she was curious and interested in the boat and wanted to play with my tools.  (what can I say, I gots me some cool tools)

So anyway her enthusiasm rubbed off a bit and one of the cool tools I wanted to let her play with is the pneumatic needle scaler.

So I set her loose in the engine room because there were a couple places on the hull with some bad rust scale that really worried me.  But so anyway after she nuked those couple really bad spots with the scaler I followed up with a sandblaster and made a pretty amazing discovery.

The sand just peeled back decade after decade of dirt and rust and neglect, until it got to the original 76 year old paint from 1938. I dunno what’s in that crap, but it’s bulletproof and in STUNNINGLY good condition. The sandblaster easilly chews through rust and paint and dirt until it hits that old probably lead based paint and it just stops.  It’s pretty amazing! As you can see in this picture, there’s just a ton of stuff that looks like it could be rust coming through the hull, this is after a pressure wash BTW!   But almost all of the rust and grunge discovered so far has been sitting on the surface of PERFECT steel.

Sandblast media, DECADES of paint and grime and perfect white paint from 1938 on the right.

So like a well needed shot in the arm, I’m suddenly excited to be working on the boat and making just a bit of progress every day!

I’m not quite emotionally  ready yet to discuss Della being a way better welder than me on her first day though.

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